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maker of media


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Podcasting since 2014

It all started with Wolf 359.

Long Story Short Productions
UnseenZero HoursTime:BombsNo Bad IdeasIf you're interested in learning to write your own fiction podcast: audiofiction101.com

Focused AFInternet 3.0

Video Creator & Live Stream Producer

Over a decade of experience in promotional videos, documentaries, online educational content, and event videography & live streaming.

Accomable doc

Past clients:
One Month
Columbia Business School
UJA & Avodah

I also maintain my own YouTube channel.
growth mindset video

Online Educator & Producer

One Month
Cold Email
Audio Fiction 101
I've also led workshops IRL about mindfulness as part of my "insane" mental health awareness campaign

Voice over artist, at your service

At 12 I developed a medically inexplicable cough. By the time it cleared up a year later, my voice had dropped and my nickname became "Mr. Moviephone."

commercial actor in NYC, trained by Ed Lewis, Roger Becker, & Carrie Faverty

wide range of experience from consumer electronics to political ads.

over a dozen original characters in fiction podcasting.

top seller on Fiverr. (sign up for the course)

Published author & aspiring novelist

Wall Street Journal
New York Daily News

Writing has always been a passion
Trained writing mentor and tutor

Public Speaking

from Pittsburgh to Singapore

I've had the privilege to speak
Mass General Hospital Boston HubWeek
TEDx National University of Singapore
NAMI SWPA chapter
And lead workshops at

U Penn
Wesleyan University